Is Michele Bachmann painting a target on President Obama?

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Bill Prendergast makes the case:

President Obama “thinks he’s above the law,” he’s “ignoring the laws of the land,” he “threw the constitution out the window” (again)–and he is conducting “an autocratic reign.”
All of that’s nuts, entirely untrue, and unsupported by the facts. So you know the speaker must be Michele Bachmann.

When she says stuff like this, she’s putting a sniper bull’s eye on the back of a President–the President who’s already received the most death threats ever. By 2009, Obama was getting 30 death threats a day.

At the Minnesota Progressive Project

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6 thoughts on “Is Michele Bachmann painting a target on President Obama?

  1. Is this the same Michelle Bachmann that has taken down the US flag and replaced it with the t bagger flag?

  2. Did it paint a bullseye on Bush’s back?

    While these statements have a rather extreme flavor, they are not completely inaccurate. However, if Bachmann and friends had no problem with Republican presidents pulling the same shit, they should just shut the fuck up.

  3. How so? He’s spying on people without a warrant an arguing he can assassinate anyone he likes. Granted, he favored policies are even worse and if she were to go into detail about what he’s doing, she’d claim he’s a socialist turning the country over to Kenyans or something rather any of the real stuff he’s done, but in the forms she gave them I’d say she’s more being vague than wrong.

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