What is a hipster?

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16 thoughts on “What is a hipster?

  1. I’ve never seen a 12oz PBR around here. Tallboys only. But everyone knows that Pearl is the real hipster beer. Yes, they still make Pearl

  2. A hipster was somebody who was cool in the 1960s. Now it is someone who needs a hip replacement. ( these could be the same person).

  3. Hey! I object! I was rather a hippy in the 60s (not hipster, thank you!)
    Now I am just hippy. And dumplinglike in other ways, too.

    A hipster is actually a variety of woman’s underwear.

  4. Work in a bike shop you will meet some hipsters. Fixed gears, cheap(or faux cheap)clothing, facial hair primpery, being ironic, witness it all(The greatest irony is that all this has passed before. Garin was far more hip than any of these guys will ever be).

  5. I’m still not clear on what a hipster even IS. Do I need to find my headphones? :/

  6. Azkyroth, only if you’re going to plug them into a yellow Sony Tapeman! (I hear cassettes are hip right now!)

  7. New England Bob is probably off by a couple of decades. By the time the Norman Mailer essay came out in the middle 1950’s, the species “hipster” already seemed on the way to extinction. For white kids jazz would soon be replaced by rock-and-roll and the hipster would morph into the hippie. It’s been weird to see the word make its rather zombie-like reappearance.

    And what is this yellow Sony tape man of which Drolfe speaks?

  8. He is talking about the Sony Walkman. The yellow one was the waterproof “sports” model. I think I may still have one stored away some where.

  9. The most defining feature of a hipster is complaining a whole lot about all the damn hipsters.

    Important note: absolutely no one actually thinks they are a hipster, and the more of a hipster they are, the more they hate hipsters and don’t be associated with hipsters.

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