Oh, look what I found in my mail box!

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Two things. I wonder which one I’m going to read first.

Have you read the breakthrough novel of the year? When you are done with that, try:

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18 thoughts on “Oh, look what I found in my mail box!

  1. Oh brother.

    The TV charlatans are always going on about sowing seeds. And they always tell little stories about someone who decided to sow a seed for $1,000 and the next day won a MAJOR lawsuit — or some such drivel.

    If I were a prosecutor, I’d file fraud charges. (I’d lose, of course, but the trial would be a helluva show.)

  2. Baaaack slooowly awaaaay from the books…you can do it, just keep looking straight ahead! Personally, I’d RATHER look at the skull on the shelf. It is more honest and has much more to offer.

  3. I’m afraid I’m confused. What’s the seed principle? Jesus wasn’t a farmer, was he?

  4. dano, we’ve probably read more of that crap than you have. It’s not persuasive, and the thought of it is not intimidating. It’s just a bore.

  5. @7: The “seed principle” is a money-making device the evangelical Christians use.

    There are a couple of bible verses about sowing seeds and getting great rewards and blah-blah-blah. Which the evangelicals use ad infinitum in their fund-raising appeals.

    You’re supposed to sow seeds (aka, give them money) and in return you will be rewarded (usually not until after you die).

    Some of the more egregiously money-grubbing evangelicals will even claim that if you sow seeds (aka, empty your wallet into theirs) that you will be rewarded with vast riches in this lifetime. Michael Murdock is infamous for this approach.

    Now you know, and can throw the little tract into the recycle bin. NOT into the trash, please. Recycle. It’s the Earth-friendly thing to do.

  6. As usual, these “evangelicals” pay no attention to their gospels. A really-quick check through an on=line concordance for the KJV confirmed my suspicion that when the NT refers to “seeds,” it refers to metaphorical seeds of belief planted in the hearts of believers, never to cash donations. The cynicism is remarkable–but we knew that.

  7. You should respond via the little card-dealie. They’ll keep mailing you this crap anyway, but at least you get crappy little Jesusy ‘prizes’. It’s like being a kid again, only the cereal sucks!

  8. @Coragyps: precisely the reason for my restriction to the NT, in which “seed” is the kind generated by plants–and is metaphorical–with very few exceptions. Even in the exceptional cases, “seed” is more likely to refer to progeny or descendants than to anything mucous. In the OT, of course, things are much different. In spite of the evangelicals’ notorious attachment to the OT I find it hard to believe that they’re thinking (consciously, anyway) of what you’re thinking.

  9. Reminds me of that GREAT song:

    “I’m goina Jack off for Jesus in my room;
    Jack off for Jesus in my room.
    Jack off for Jesus;
    Yes, Jack off for Jesus.
    I’m goina Jack off for Jesus, in my room !!!”

  10. Nature sent you an informative magazine, and someone else sent you some industrial-strength toilet paper.

  11. OH ~!!!!!!~

    I thought that the picture meant that the magazine “Nature” sent the other booklet as a suppliment !!!!!

    Now, WHY would “Nature” do something like that ??????

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