Same Sex Marriage: Atmosphere changing

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While we wait for what I’m pretty sure is going to be bad news from Wisconsin, where Democracy is about to get kicked out by a pack of hoodlums, there’s this:

California’s Prop 8 Same-Sex Marriage Ban Looks Headed To Supreme Court

A federal appeals court in San Francisco says it will not reconsider an earlier ruling that California’s Prop 8 ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

Today’s decision is posted here. It does not mean that same-sex marriages are suddenly legal again in California. KQED writes that the court said its decision “is stayed for 90 days pending the filing of a petition for writ of certiorari in the Supreme Court.”

That is probably good news.

And, in Minnesota:

MN Voters Shifting On Marriage Amendment

A new poll suggests Minnesota voters may reject a proposed constitutional amendment that would define marriage as only being between one man and one woman.

On Tuesday, Public Policy Polling announced new numbers indicating that 49 percent of likely voters would be opposed to the amendment. The poll suggested 43 percent were in approval of it.

But, these things change, so keep fighting!

Thanks to Julia, of whom I’m very proud, and of course the other volunteers who don’t happen to be my daughter, who spent so much time over the last several weeks with persuasion calls. You’ve changed the opinion of the people. Good work!

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11 thoughts on “Same Sex Marriage: Atmosphere changing

  1. I am hoping come this evening and in Novemeber the righteous will prevail and once again we will show that the few (with loud voices) will not overthrow the majority.

  2. It would seem that dan-o the schmuck is infesting several blogs on FTB with his far right wing crap.

  3. I can only infer by your comment that you are implying that left wing agendas are not crap, which is completely and utterly nonsense.

  4. Re dan-0 @ #3

    Definition of left wing agenda by dan-o the putz: any agenda to the left of Francisco Franco.

  5. dan-0:
    It’s unfortunate that you are so stupid to think bigotry is righteous. Perhaps you should get those delusions checked out. Before you go postal or something.

  6. Hey, folks! I was one of the lucky 973 voters polled on the telephone by Public Policy Polling.

    Kudos to Julia and the other volunteers for the persuasion calls! You are making Minnesota a better place.

  7. Driveby it puts a smile on my face evrytime you are able to write a complete sentence using a noun with the correct verb tense. Bravo! Now the question is can you out several of these odd things called sentences together to get your point across?
    P.S. I think I might take up archery again to ease my stress from this blog…postal nope just a way to release stress by piercing a target with sharp deadly sticks that fly through the air at warp speed.

  8. dan-o,

    If your arrows are warped you should probably get the shafts replaced. Where do you practice? On the grounds of your respectful manor?

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