Name the actor and the show

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I just happen to come across this interesting cameo and snapped this fair use impromptu screen shot…


Who is it, what show is this, and if you are that good, what episode!


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9 thoughts on “Name the actor and the show

  1. I really can’t tell anything from the screen grab*, but I should point out that the RSS feed for the new Science Blogs is messed up. If I click the “read more” link from Google Reader, I get a 404, and then I need to navigate to the post from the front page. Please inform the new overlords.

    * Okay, my first thought was Udo Kier in the last episode of the first season of Lars von Trier’s Kingdom, but on closer examination, I’m sure that’s wrong. And also, too obscure.

  2. Pretty sure the show is Eureka – not sure the who or the episode though. (That DEFINITELY looks like Sheriff Carter in the background though).

  3. Wait, that’s an identifiable person in the background? I thought it was a suggestive shape — maybe a dinosaur or werewolf. Stupid eyes; they see anything and nothing.

  4. Well, Wallace Shawn has been appearing on Eureka lately. Firefox on openSuSE 12.1 tends to make all images pretty dark (as compared to my wife’s Windows Vista box), so I couldn’t make out anything, really.

  5. it is indeed Wally Shawn! He is playing a DoD relationship auditor in Eureka. The Titan Rover has just returned to Earth and exploded, and Eureka is about to be covered in an explosive Methane based atmosphere that will clear up within moments after something dumb that Sheriff Carter says is interpreted as something smart by one of the ingeniousness who interfaces a device with something then everything works fine after that. Or whatever.

  6. I loved this topic, partly because I get to do the guessing for a change. Along with David Gl├╝ck, I’ve been running a series called “Do You Know This Face?” over at the Skeptic Friends Network. Forum readers are asked to look at Photoshopped images and identify the woo or skeptic portrayed. We’ve done close to a hundred so far. It’s nice to do the guessing.

    I met Wally Shawn when he was making the flop comedy, “Crackers,” directed by Louis Malle and starring Donald Southerland and a skinny young guy named Shaun Penn. The movie (a remake of “Big Deal on Madonna Street”) flopped, but I was lucky that they were making it right in front of my apartment in San Francisco’s Mission district. I was being treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the time, so had time to mingle with cast and crew.

    Wally was as great a conversationalist as one would think after seeing “My Dinner with Andre.” Shaun Penn was polite, but intensely professional and spend much time in deep talk with Malle. Southerland, the old master, was kindly to this fan.

    (Hey Greg, I sent you an email a few days back, (titled “Children’s crusade to Lake Tele”) about a possible blogging suggestion for you. Could you please check your Gmail?)

    — Half Mooner

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