Human Conflict

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Science Magazine is running a “Science Voices” series of short essays by members of the science community on the topic of Human Conflict. So far there are four or five, and they cover conflict from a wide range of perspectives. You can see them all here.

I’ve written one on conflict in the blogosphere which will probably be up on the Sciencemag site by the time you read this.

The topics I touched on in my short essay are very familiar to you as readers of this and other blogs, and they mostly have to do with social and to a lesser extent political problem in “meatspace” and how those conflicts play out in the blogosphere. A few days back I wrote two “hub” posts intended to tie together some of these discussion. One addressed gun control and homeschooling as topics we’ve dealt with here (and on The X Blog). That post has engendered quite a bit of discussion about both topics, though mostly in the area of Homeschooling which, in my opinion, is a topic where we have NOT made much progress.

The other post–Does the Internet need an HR Department?–is very closely related to a topic that emerged from the recently Women in Secularism conference organized by the CFI. That discussion is currently developing quickly at the Richard Dawkins Foundation site and at Almost Diamonds. It appears that people are taking my suggestion that we look to professional HR experts to find a good solution to sexism in the secular community and elsewhere.

I hope you pick a spot–this post or one of those referenced above–and join the conversation!

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