Bachmann is done in politics

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She did the most unAmerican thing possible: She pledged her allegiance to the flag of another country by taking on the citizenship of that foreign power. Presumably this decision will doom her re-election to the Congress. And ..

By embracing a socialist and gay-friendly country, Tea Party favorite Bachmann can kiss any vice-presidential hopes, or even another White House run, goodbye. She could even be in trouble in her own congressional re-election.

Unbelievable. I demand that she be investigated.

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25 thoughts on “Bachmann is done in politics

  1. Aw, she withdrew her application already? I was hoping they would get a chance to revoke her U.S. citizenship:

    a person who acquires a foreign citizenship by applying for it may lose U.S. citizenship. In order to lose U.S. citizenship, the law requires that the person must apply for the foreign citizenship voluntarily, by free choice, and with the intention to give up U.S. citizenship. —Department of State

  2. OK, so she lied, then she lied, then she may or may not have lied again. Anyway, she is a Swiss Citizen. She’s asked to have her citizenship status removed. I’m not sure how that works. It would be funny if she was not allowed to because of some loyalty oath she’s already taken.

  3. I am a Republican, (yeah I know the devil haha) and from Minnesota, and wish this lady would just go away. She is a moron and wether or not she runs again she will not get my vote. I am enough of a fence sitter that I will vote democrat.

  4. NOOOOOOO!!!….

    As I read in the article that the country is Switzerland — my country! — I actually felt for the first time a sudden attack of that shameful anti-immigration sentiment that is unfortunately so common here.

    More seriously, what is this nonsense with Switzerland being a socialist country? Are they kidding?! We are a very *bourgeois* country: low income tax, fiscal competition between Cantons and general tax-friendliness to big firms and millionaires, strong industrial and financial lobbies coupled with timid unions, and so on and on. Just ask any French, German or Italian neighbor how they see us.

    But I forget: from the US, all Europeans politics must look like socialism…

  5. Is there any way to develop more layers of convoluted stupid around this? It’s pretty impressive already. But with Bachmann at the core, I suppose anything is possible.

  6. Thank GOD she dropped that dual citizenship thing. If we could only get Palin & Bachmann to run together nothing would stop the ol’ great Tea Party.

  7. Well, what’s important is that Michele renounced her Swiss citizenship in order to show that she is a Real American Citizen.
    As opposed to an American/Swiss citizen or any other kind of hybrid.
    She knows how that works and how it sways the faithful, which two things are the same even without her knowing so but what counts is that she is just like a Real American, shunning any connection with any foreign allegiance.
    So there. Who needs them?

    *right on it, isn’t she?*

    OK. I’m out of snark . . .

    1. I do think this is going to play politically. By her own standards she did something very UnAmerican thoughtlessly. Then she lied about it (doesn’t matter which version is real, they are so totally different that they can’t be reconciled). She looks like a fool in that special way that will count more than just being, well, a complete fool. She’s going to lose some votes.

  8. It was merely a benefit of marriage, Greg. You know, the right kind of marriage. But even though she could have basked in that boon she gave it up. Like any True American would do.

    That silly part? She just knows that it will go unnoticed what with all the flag waving and the cheering and weeping acolytes.

    1. Crudley, she hasn’t given it up. She is a Swiss citizen. She said something about giving it up, but I doubt you can do that in one afternoon. In any event, I want to see the paperwork.

  9. I really think it could hurt her. It’s exactly the kind of thing she’d make hay over if it were her opponent. A sane person wouldn’t hold it against her, but a sane person isn’t going to vote for her in the first place.

  10. Greg, being that this is MN and all this question has to be asked. Is the opponent of Michelle at least pro gun pro hunting? If they are not they realistically don’t stand a chance. Maybe if they are indifferent it won’t hurt them, byt if the NRA gives them a bad grade they won’t stand a chance.

    1. I’v not personally vetted him yet, but IIRC he is a friend to hunters. So is the guy running in the 3rd, Brian Barnes (I talked to him about bird hunting just the other day, he may go out for Pheasants or chuckars or something with my FIL some)

  11. She pledged her allegiance to the flag of another country

    Calm down – it wasn’t actually a country, it was Switzerland. *runs for cover*

    Seriously, though, it does seem like a pretty thoughtless move for her, I can’t imagine how she thought it would go over well with her base. Perhaps she’s just become so accustomed to right-wingers applying crass double standards that she’s taken for granted that they wouldn’t mind her doing something they would flay alive somebody else over.

    1. I think she got a passport from a country she could not be extradited from. I’m going to see proof positive that she is not Swiss if she claims that she got rid of the citizenship.

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