Take Action against the Greek Nazi Party

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You may have heard that in these troubled times in Greece, the Greek Nazi “Golden Dawn” party made an alarming gain in the Parliament, taking about 7% of the seats. Here they are being all Nazi-ish:

Nazis.  I hate these guys.
The leader of Golden Dawn, Nikos Michaloliakos, and his Nazi supporters, grabbing a bottle of water.

It isn’t just that they won a few seats in Parliament. This is part of a larger shift towards extremism on the right side of the spectrum, happening in Greece and other countries as well, and it is accompanied by some extreme rhetoric that reminds us of the 1930s.
“The time for fear has come for those who betrayed this homeland ... We are coming ... Veni, Vidi, Vici ... Greece is only the beginning ... "

In case you were wondering if these guys are “real” Nazis, don’t worry, they really do seem to be, even with respect to some of the finer details of Nazism, such as intolerance of Jews.
This photograph is alleged to be Golden Dawn members attacking Jews in 2002, but it may be Golden Dawn and anarchists fighting. In any event, Gold Dawn members are believe to have carried out acts of violence against immigrants.

Here is what you can do. Some time in the next month or two, there will be new elections in Greece. The elections that happened a few days ago produced a result (no strong majority or obvious coalition) that likely will result in this happening. Golden Dawn, the Nazis, have a web site they use as a critical component of their campaign. It is hosted on WordPress.

Shall we sign a petition?

Change.org has one for you:

The Official blog of the Greek Nazi ‘Golden Dawn’ political party which recently won an unprecedented 7% in the parliamentary elections is hosted on the WordPress.com platform at http://xryshaygh.wordpress.com/.

In addition to espousing hateful anti-immigrant rhetoric, denial of the Holocaust, and Nazi salutes, Golden Dawn has a history of direct involvement in organized crime and intimidation with many of their.top ranking members having been indicted and convicted of violent crimes against immigrants and political opponents.

On April 17 behind the cover of anonymity which they always use on their official blog on WordPress.com, they published an article that made thinly veiled threats of violence against Greek reporter Xenia Kounalaki, the editor of the foreign news desk of Kathimerini, Greece’s leading broadsheet.

Source: http://www.euractiv.com/elections/neo-nazi-greek-party-threatens-journalist-news-512538

The WordPress.com Terms of Service state that all content submitted ‘does not contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities’.

Source: http://en.wordpress.com/tos/

We call on Automattic Inc. to stop providing a free platform for Golden Dawn to anonymously threaten and intimidate reporters, immigrants, and political opponents by shutting down their WordPress.com account.

Click here to visit and sign the petition.

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18 thoughts on “Take Action against the Greek Nazi Party

  1. I would like to congratulate Mrs Angela Merkel, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy, the International Monetary Fund, the Central European Bank, the European Commission and, mostly, the world finance for helping the people of Greece to reach the point of despair where they vote for such a bunch of nazis.

    On the other hand, the number of poors in Germany has reached such a level that I wouldn’t be astonished that they, too, vote for a nazi party at the next election. This has already been the case in France, where N. Sarkozy has pandered to the far right in the hope it would help him to be reelect.

  2. Please note that today WordPress.com cancelled the party’s original blog for being in violation of WordPress.com terms of service (TOS). They have quickly set up another blog at: http://xagr.wordpress.com/

    Please make the creators of this petition aware of this development so they may act accordingly.

  3. Done!

    xryshaygh.wordpress.com is no longer available.
    This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
    For questions or concerns, contact WordPress.com Support.

  4. ? suppose taking down any website just because we don’t like it or because we think we do not like the people who made it because it appears they are nazis (or something else that is definitely very bad), well is that what you guys would call democracy? And yes, by the looks of it, your kind of democracy does not seem to be very inclusive for -pretty much- anything that, well, you don’t agree with.

    I find very interesting that everybody is against Golden Dawn because allegedly they are a nazi party (a very serious accusation) but this has yet to be proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Every “journalist” that interviews them ask “Are you a nazi party?”. Of course the response is always “No, we are not nazis we are Greek Nationalists”. Yet, everybody insists on portraying GD as they want (i.e. nazis, right wing extremists) not as how the party members want to (Greek Nationalists) especially since according to their ideology the terms left, right etc are bogus as far as the greek political arena goes.

    There are also a lot of accusations for illegal actions but -again- no one has ever managed to prove that GD has actually done what they claim they did. Also, GD is using an ancient greek symbol the “meander” as their emblem, and an equally ancient greek greeting (with the raised hand) yet the media are still talking about swastikas and nazi symbols! No one has ever mentioned though that the swastika is present in ancient greek art since thousand of years ago. Also Romans and Hindus used it as well. Were they all nazis even thousand of years before hitler thought about using them for his evil plans? And why should we demonize gestures and art forms that originated in ancient greece just because a lunatic once used them?

    Golden Dawn is a political party that wants to reclaim Greece for the Greek people. Currently Greece is not controlled by its people. Golden Dawn has stated that they will fight to prove who stole all this money and brought the current fiscal catastrophy to Greece and send them to prison. Golden Dawn is also against the uncontrolled “import” of undocumented aliens, is this gloabally acceptable practice reminiscent of nazi habits? Golden Dawn has also called for a number of other measures aiming at restoring the Greek economy to a point where leaving the Euro zone politically and currency wise would then be possible.

    The pictures you have posted were taken from well know far-leftist, anarchist and communist sources and quite frankly they do not prove anything of what you claim.

    I could go for hours.

    I am not sure why you are so biased against something you clearly do not know yet did not research very well but the more I think about it the more it reminds me of fascism, nazism and racism. Which coincidentally is what you accuse GD of. Yes, people are indeed strange.

    I suggest, if of course you are interested to maintain a minimum level of “journalistic” professionalism to try to investigate Golden Dawn a little deeper, perhaps this time using some different sources.

    How about with Golden Dawn itself. Start by visiting the newly created website and read their program and political positions. You have to be able to understand Greek for that though, it is true, GD does not cater very much to foreign visitors. After all their main motto is pretty clear: Greece belongs to Greeks! Perhaps, there is a hidden nazi message there as well?!?

  5. Greece does belong to Greeks. I will never agree with nazi germany….i will not ever agree with going past our borders and invading other countries. But damn i agree with pushing immigrants out of our country who are here doing nothing but drug dealing and kill our people. “Under any means”. Get them out. I have never felt such hate before as to the people who do not belong in our country and for Greeks allowing all these years of theivery from above and look where we are now. I just visited a web page that sells off Greek islands. Give back the work to the Greek younger crowd instead of some pakistani or albanian. I may be filled with anger right now but yeah. I AM angry. My country is circling the toilet ever so slowly. I do wish GD would stop with that salute used by Nazis but…I agree with them strongly and would love to join them and support them

  6. Christine, thanks for the thought! I’ll have to run that through Google Translator and see what you said. brb.

    Hey, wait a second there!!!

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    ?? ?????????? ?? ?????? ??? ?????? ???!

    ?R?NASLATION (for Greg Laden so he does not resort to Google) (LOL)

    Christine, thank you for the good words. You confirm that Golden Dawn is correct when they say they want to rid Greece from the (political) filth. The easy thing to do is to call people, you do not even know, with very bad names just because you happen to disagree with what they say. That’s, truly, fascist behavior! The difficult thing to do is ?? argue and try to win people over with your correct reason (=logos).

    Which category does Christine belong to? Let the readers decide.

    Obviously, I am not the traitor (=prodoti) here, more likely Christine is, because (with her attitude) she is betraying the values of Democracy, i.e. conversation, discussion, debate and not swearing, revile, bashing and name-calling.

    I am interested to hear your points!

    As, a last thought, hey you Greg Laden, when someone writes “go to hell you traitor” but fails to support it with the slightest argument, why would anyone (you in particular) say “thanks for the thought!”. Are n’t you, a little out of line here, as well?

    I expect you to remove the comment from public view (as a clear and flagrant violation of this blog’s rules), or demand from your friend (e.g. foul-mouthed Christine) to justify her accusations. ?f she can of course.

    There are laws, you know, still, in this country, and I intend to ask the proper authorities to enforce them, if you do not take the proper action.


    ????? ?????

  8. You are full of shit. Yes, SHIT.

    You preach about ‘self-determination’ as long as it’s your version of marxist perversion and race genocide of White Christendom. And when we argue for our own indigenous rights, you scum come to the fore, like a pimple on an adolescent’s face. Come to think of it, that’s what your ideology is. Adolescent whining. This post just made me determine to donate to Golden Dawn’s NYC office. We need MORE of sanity, to drive you and your Amalek into the ocean. Axios, Golden Dawn. Pro Europa!

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