I am in favor of DOMA

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But in my version, it is slightly different.

Since being gay in the military is now OK, I’m sure there is some clumping up of gay people in the services, as would be natural for any sociological phenomenon. So, we help this along a little and create Gay Brigades formed entirely of GLBTA troops (the “A” troops are important to keep the numbers up, I imagine).

The Gay Brigades are then sent as Federal Troops into churches and city halls in North Carolina to Defend same sex couples’ 14th Amendment rights.

And we call it the Defense of Marriage Act-Up.

That is all, thank you very much.

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4 thoughts on “I am in favor of DOMA

  1. Why does Monty Python suddenly come into my head? “Squad, camp it UP!”

    Or Lewis Black’s harrowing description of gay banditos bursting into a normal family home in a cul-de-sac.

  2. Just city halls, not churches.

    Churches are not public accommodations; they can and should be permitted to discriminate against anyone they want, for whatever reason. If members of a church don’t want to host fabulous weddings, that’s their own loss.

  3. As I understand it the Israeli military had a few mostly female service support units. Not intended as front line units, but fully trained, they got pressed into service plugging holes on rapidly shifting fronts. An unexpected result was that trapped and exhausted Arab forces simply gave up instead of risking that they might suffer ignominy of being wounded or killed in combat by a female.

    The women would take up positions blocking trapped Arab unit and the Arab commander would go for the honorable surrender to a male combat unit. This saved lives on both sides. As the story goes the Israelis were generally sensitive to appearances and took steps to keep the female troops more or less a veiled threat and provide a relatively easy and honorable alternative.

    Prejudices and cultural norms can sometimes be used to good effect. Black troops were sent into the south after the Civil War and the presence of disciplined armed black men had a sobering effect. Unfortunately, as with all good things, they were too often used, and often poorly deployed, and armed black troops became a rallying to point for southern resistance to reconstruction.

    There is a fine line between leveraging cultural differences and rubbing an opponent’s nose in it. The first is a useful tactic and force multiplier. The second comes back at you as long term resentment.

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