Tom and Shane’s Story: It is up to you to stop this.

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Vote against gay marriage bans. Vote for gay marriage. Legislate and agitate.

There are two related events currently happening in two different states.

In North Carolina:

North Carolina’s voters went to the polls on Tuesday to decide whether the state would become the 31st in the country, and the last in the South, to have a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

In Colorado:

Civil unions are close to passing in Colorado, but there’s only a few days left before the legislature adjourns. We’re getting down to the wire on Amendment One in North Carolina. The Prop 8 play is getting new legs as an audiobook. And the guys behind “We Are Young” have some strong words for marriage equality.

Watch this (you will cry), then get off your ass and do something.*

Here in Minnesota, the Republicans, unable to use the democratic process to attack gays who would marry, have put a constitutional amendment on the ballot for November. This November, we intend to defeat that amendment and to take back the state legislature. In the past, it was always said that “Minnesotans love their divided government.” The next person who tells me they are voting for divided government** in Minnesota is going to get slapped.

Here’s some more information on what is going on around the country:

*Good for you if you already are.
**Meaning one party in the legislature and one in the governor’s office, for instance.

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7 thoughts on “Tom and Shane’s Story: It is up to you to stop this.

  1. I was at the Minnesota History center a couple weeks ago and they have an exhibit of the state constitution. Well, to be exact they have an exhibit of both signed copies…because the democratic and republican representatives at the time refused to be in the same room or sign the same piece of paper. They each had their own copy to sign.

    Needless to say I can’t say it’s gotten much better seeing what we’ve got in the state today *sigh*

  2. i will fight for whats right! im not gay, i am straight. however, in my belief. love is LOVE! no matter the sexual orientation. in my opinion, tom’s father & mother, are the worst parents ive ever heard of! THEY killed Tom, their own son! because of their poor judgement! i FIGHT for EQUAL RIGHTS! as a matter of fact…. i hope this gets to BILL CLINTON or any partof government!! GAY MARRIAGES, RELATIONSHIPS, WHATEVER THEY GOVERNMENT WANTSTO CALL IT, HAS A BETTER CHANCE, UNDERSTANDING & COMMITMENT THAN ANY STRAIGHT MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP!! i honestly think, gay marriages are better legalized than straight. since the government & the world are so screwed up in judgement.

    Being GAY is not a Sin, its a choice that has no opposite definition, than HAPPY & LOVE. God, said love & forgive. he NEVER judged! i only pray.. The GAY get justice & peace!

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