North Carolina Bans Same Sex Marriage

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Look at this disturbing image:

Separation of Church and State? Not in North Carolina.

North Carolina joins the rest of the South in banning same sex marriage at the constitutional level.


North Carolina already had a statute banning gay marriage. Amendment One declares that “marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state” — vague language that opponents say could threaten domestic partnership protections for all couples while closing the door to any sort of same-sex unions.

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20 thoughts on “North Carolina Bans Same Sex Marriage

  1. I’m not sure how they can class that as vague language, It seems pretty clear to me that they intend to prevent civil unions and any sort of recognition or benefits for same sex partners, much as they did with a similar ammendment in Michigan.

  2. I spent last night on a phone bank calling folks to vote against this amendment. One woman told me that if children of people in a civil union were going to get hurt by this amendment the parents are to blame.

    I asked her if victims of domestic violence who lose protection because they aren’t married to their abusers were also to blame.

    No answer.

    This sucks.

  3. @Who knows? “So, a true marriage is a three-some?”

    Yeah; man, woman and a god (well, only one particular god)

  4. There’s nothing vague in relation to homosexuals. I’m guessing the vagueness refers to heterosexual unions not explicitly classified as ‘marriage’.

  5. @Emu Sam I think there’s some stuff ready to happen. No doubt it will cost the state a lot.

  6. I also understand there were attempts by the GOP at voter suppression and intimidation and illegal campaigning (as noted in the picture).

  7. I’m so disappointed and embarrassed to be living in the south right now. Actually, I’m pretty embarrassed to be from the United States right now…

    Wonder if Crommunist can help me find an apartment in Vancouver?

  8. What does this make, like 29 states banning same-sex marriage?

    I dunno about percentages but I can attest to the non-monogamous nature of homo sapians and am thinking fuck marriage altogether.

    Marriage is historically a church function first which evolved through ancient church/states such as England to become part of govt.

    Baby and bathwater…throw, flush, runaway!

  9. So they oppose same sex marriage, while promoting polygamy? What if the same sex partner’s name is “God”?

  10. Damn. 🙁

    Just when you think things might finally be heading in the right direction on this.

  11. Wait isn’t that god really three beings. This gets really complicated…

    Especially if the man happens to be Hispanic and is named “Jesus”.

    Seriously, this is disgusting, disappointing, and sadly, not at all surprising. My faith in the ability of masses of human beings to do the wrong thing is confirmed once again.

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