Joe Biden in favor of Same Sex Marriage. Right?

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Apparently, Joe Biden has come out in favor of Same Sex Marriage.

He did say that, right?

Details here.

Thanks you Joe. I think.

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3 thoughts on “Joe Biden in favor of Same Sex Marriage. Right?

  1. @1 Kathy, I’m not so sure. It sounds like the Obama administration has distanced itself from Biden’s comments. That suggests to me that this is how Biden personally feels. (And he implies that as well.) But, yes, Biden doesn’t throw Obama under the bus like he could have for not being more supportive.

  2. So the #2 guy who effectively has zero power, has a personal opinion. And the only substantive thing he can offer is ending DADT. He’s trying to sure up the gay vote without actually offering much of anything. It’s doubtful they they need to do anything on that front, the Republicans don’t even bother with genuflecting towards the log cabin republicans. They are all anti-gays all the time.

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