Edwina Rogers on War in Iraq

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10 thoughts on “Edwina Rogers on War in Iraq

  1. Of course, secular hero, the late Christopher Hitchens, was gung ho about the invasion of Iraq.

  2. And a lot of secular people were mystified by the widespread acceptance of the decidedly nonsecular Christopher Hitchens as a representative of secular values.

    Hitchens was most definitely a nonsecular atheist.

  3. More troops did work. Edwina is right on this one. Dems said this was “not winable” and they were wrong.

  4. Sivi – You are joking right? You might want to read about the end of the Iraq war. We added a “surge” of troops and also helped organize local groups to help secure the country more effectively. This ultimately allowed us to massively draw down our troops. Had we left before securing more territory there would have been a mess (at least this is the general consensus).

    From wikipedia “Both critics of the surge and independent news services have stated that the conventional wisdom in the United States media is that the surge ‘worked’.”


    Of course, one could argue that the surge was not the cause of the final stability in Iraq. Even so, the Democrat plan to quickly draw down does look like it would have been a poor option.

    and to be clear. I don’t think we should have gone to war to begin with… but… once we were in it was best to leave after establishing security.

    1. Yeah Sivi – It is hard to know for certain. It is possible that the surge was not the best option, but it looks like it was probably better than a more rapid troop reduction. So.. in this case at least… Rogers was probably on the correct side of the argument.

  5. If you’re interested in doing another one of these kind of posts, head over to Greta Christina’s and look in the comments to find out what Edwina Rogers had to say about Valerie Plame (spoiler: she lies about the facts and badmouths her).

    1. Pam – You are changing the subject. This post is about Roger’s comments in this video. Of course I know we could have not invaded. What is your fucking point!

      Oh wait… I know your point. You just wish every atheist had political opinions just like you. Well… we don’t!

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