Edwina Rogers on Energy Policy

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AT 1:55, speaking about Obama’s Energy Plan

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2 thoughts on “Edwina Rogers on Energy Policy

  1. Well, that was a load of crap all right. Apparently she is either incredibly stupid or else disingenuously spewing irrelevant talking points despite knowing better. Obama’s proposed $150 billion in spending (over 10 years, incidentally, Rogers was making it sound like it was a lump sum) is for things that are not, in fact, oil. Therefore, an increasing demand for oil by China and India is not an impediment to the proposed plan, but instead another point in its favor. I’m not surprised at all, of course, I wouldn’t expect either honesty or competence from a member of the Bush administration. By the way, I acknowledge that many members of that administration were very competent at politicking and propaganda, I mean competent at their alleged jobs.

  2. Religious zealots come in all kinds of theistic and nontheistic packages, and spouters of Republican “economic” dogma are most certainly among them. They are pure in their faith based approach and their rejection of empiricism.

    Having a religious zealot lobby for the SCA is more-or-less completely ridiculous.

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