Double Helix

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This is a proof of concept post. Does the following thingie work for you?

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9 thoughts on “Double Helix

  1. I got nothing, except a request to download the free Wolfram CDF player. To me, it’s just a picture with a link.

  2. What do you mean “work for” me? Is it supposed to change as the controls are manipulated? The whole thing (including controls) is a static .jpg image for me.

  3. Well, there was a link to the Wolfram page, which worked.
    When I flipped back here, the image was also displayed.
    CDF Player is currently downloading…

  4. Yes, once installed, the Computable Document runs in yer page.

    This had better be goddamn amazing and versatile technology, at c. 428 MiB in its main program folder (this is a Windows machine at the moment) with a crapton of binaries* and a rat’s nest of folders (and apparently uses Java as well). Add an HAL & drivers and it would be its own OS.

    *Which is fine if it is following the Unix model.

  5. Oh, and it uses 27000K memory just sitting in the system tray (why?) doing nothing. No configuration settings – sweet. No autorun on boot/logon, though, I’ll give them that.

    OK, critique time is over. Y’all may continue ignoring my whiny ass.

  6. Cool stuff, haven’t used Wolfram’s in ages. Never did fancy stuff like this but I had fun playing. It does overlap the sidebar though, which wouldn’t be a big deal if the ad wasn’t showing on top.

  7. Not sure what its meant to do, Greg Laden.

    Getting a picture in a grey frame box with a white inset of what looks like a double helix (DNA?) thingummy plus a yellow cylinder with a green core at the base of that, with a superposed (right word? Embossed? Embedded?) red-n’-gray-on-white advert or link for a free wolfram CDF player which I haven’t clicked on, plus in the grey bit of the box on the left hand side the words :

    position helix 2
    number in a turn
    sphere diameters 1
    sphere diameters 2
    helix cylinder diameters
    helix cylinder lengths

    (Lack of capitalisation original.)

    Each with apparent control bar thingummies immediately after those words.

    That what I’m supposed to be seeing? Is it supposed to do something?

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