Friday Friday Move Over

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This is the newest viral video, with over 3 million views and a 1:10 ratio of like:dislike, and over a dozen parodies being made of it every day. If you don’t know about this song, you don’t know … about this song!

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9 thoughts on “Friday Friday Move Over

  1. Couldn’t finish it. I actually was okay with the sentiment since slut shaming bothers me quite a bit. It was the … music? Singing? That’s what that was, right?

  2. They can’t seem to sing and the idea that blonde hair and blue eyes are hot is problematic. Needless to say, I didn’t get past the minute mark, because of those two things.

  3. Off topic but thought you might be interested inthis news item :

    Since you’ve been following that case here pretty closely. I expect you’ve probably already heard about that, Greg Laden, but just in case you hadn’t, thought I’d let ya know.

    (Half expected to see you’d posted on it already. Do you think a black killer of a white teenager would have gotten bail seemingly so easily?)

  4. It was such a weird experience watching that. Half of it made me think “They’re doing this on purpose for a joke!” and half made me think “They’re doing this on purpose for social commentary!” and the two halves didn’t match up that well. Internet says the on purpose for a joke was right though.

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