A challenge for you

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What are we looking at here? Your answer will depend on the angle with which you approach the problem.

hat tip: Sarah Moglia.

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12 thoughts on “A challenge for you

  1. So I have a violent mind if I see a guy getting shot, but I’m a funny guy if I see a comedian being pelted by a tomato?

  2. Sometimes to solve a problem it is a matter of getting down to business. But then, you’ve been down so long everything is starting to look up. If you know what I mean.

  3. I wasn’t thinking so much getting shot, as getting one’s throat slashed in a knife fight. I also pictured a drunk puking at a dance club.

    But enough of my personal life.

    Is the source some sort of religious propaganda about the holy spirit? I’m over 700 years old, and I can remember when they used O-faces to represent the Holy Ghost.

  4. Well, it’s a Fight Club poster, with one hard-to-see guy kicking the other clearly visible one. Changing the viewing angle improves the contrast and makes the low contrast parts easier to see, but it’s not really necessary. But that seems a little obvious. What am I missing?

  5. The invisible image didn’t show up on my monitor. I downloaded it, rotated the picture to see something different and nada. Reread the post, changed the angle and the invisible part came up perfectly.

    Incidentally, I saw an alien starting to erupt from the throat, then someone being shot or slashed.

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