Obamacare vs. The Affordable Health Care Act

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I was recently at a political debate in which one of the debaters, Brian Barnes, said he did not like the term “Obamacare,” lamented that the Republicans are better at coming up with catch phrases than we Democrats are, and suggested that instead of “Obamacare” we call it “The Affordable Healthcare Act.” The person debating against him, Sharon Sund, didn’t really agree or disagree.

As a side note I’ll mention that one of the reasons we have this health care is because of the tireless activism of lots of people including Sharon. Thanks Sharon.

Obamacare Baby Suit

Anyway, I always liked “Obamacare” as a term … I wanted to take that term right from the hands of the Republicans from the beginning. In fact, I made Obamacare Baby Suits and Adult Tee-Shirts, though nobody bought any from me. (Click here to rectify this situation).

And today, I got an email from Barack and Joe: They want to take back the term Obamcare and use it to refer to the Affordable Health Care Act.

Most people eventually catch up to my blog … took two years this time, though, that’s kinda long.

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4 thoughts on “Obamacare vs. The Affordable Health Care Act

  1. Interesting extension of the debate at DailyKos…Paul Ryan, who would be the first to deride “Obamacare,” intends to “reform” Medicare…by turning it into Obamacare for the elderly.


    (I love Obamacare both as a concept and a term. My daughter is back on my insurance policy despite a layoff. A friend will be able to keep coverage despite his history of previous illnesses.)

  2. I agree on the term Obamacare – what’s not to like? It’s a compound word and both words are positive.

    Regarding the t-shirts, I clicked eagerly and was all set to buy one – but where are the women’s shirts? I only saw mens classic cut (in other words much too boxy for me or most women) and then a baby’s onesie (cute! but I have no babies to buy for) and a maternity t-shirt. 🙁

  3. I think it would be weird for Obama himself to use the term, but it certainly is easier to say, and suggests “Obama cares”. Not what I’d regard as negative.

  4. In the balance of history, “obamacare” might make Obama a memorable American hero of the presidency or a memorable villain. Given that the ACA, if it works, will be one of the most humane, just, economically-smart, and brave steps taken by government in decades I think chances are he’ll benefit from having his name attached.

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