Obama: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”

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I was annoyed by the reporter’s use of the phrase “allegations of lingering racism.” That phrase, used by him in this context at this time, was racism, and it was not “lingering.”

But, aside from that, this is worth a watch:

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4 thoughts on “Obama: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”

  1. This is what I said when a friend shared this on Faceboook:

    I haven’t said anything about the Trayvon story, because having sons myself it is just too painful to even contemplate. Luckily Quinn and Griffy had the good sense to choose white skin, so the Trayvon story only makes me feel “exceptionally sad” and not “deeply terrified”.

  2. What laws and context do we need to examine. This case has nothing to do with the stand your ground law period. It has everything to do with some idiot going too far and he will be accountable for his actions and subject to punishment for his crime if found guilty.

  3. Dan-o,

    First we have to find someone willing to take the guy to a police hut, voluntarily or under arrest, and get him to make a statement accounting for his actions and his understanding of what happened. Then we have to take statements from the witnesses, including the victim’s girlfriend and the police dispatchers. But first we should secure the site and systematically collect any physical evidence.

    Then we could work outwards from the known facts which would indicate what further questions need to be asked and of whom. Of course, all experience and all research show that the inquiries above are best done in the first 24 hours but – oh, dearie me! – we are almost a month on and it seems only just to be penetrating the relevant crania that a felony may have been committed.

    So the context will include whether or not the Sanford police understand the law as written, whether the gunman understood it, what prompted the law in its present form and if it needs to be revised.

    Given that the priority of the local officials has been to prove that “nothing happened here” I lack your confidence that this will all be tied up with a neat bow any time soon.

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