Davy Jones Died

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Davy Jones suffered a heart attack and died, in Florida, at 66 years of age.

Davy Jones, the lead singer of the 1960s group The Monkees, died of a massive heart attack Wednesday in Florida, his spokeswoman said. He was 66.

His publicist, Helen Kensick, confirmed that he died in Indiantown, where he lived.

Jones rose to fame in 1965 when he joined The Monkees, a British popular rock group formed for a U.S. television show. Jones sang lead vocals on songs like “I Wanna Be Free” and “Daydream Believer.”

Jones was born Dec. 30, 1945, in Manchester, England. His long hair and British accent helped Jones achieve heartthrob status in the United States.


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3 thoughts on “Davy Jones Died

  1. He will be missed- my daughter and I had the opportunity of meeting him backstage a year ago in green bay wisc- he was so nice and truely a gentleman- he talked with us all and seemed very interested in what others had to say- and his music was still great! we really enjoyed his concert that evening and best of all what an honor to have met him backstage and get his autograph on one of his albums-

    his music will live on- our sympathy to his family

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