The Government of the Netherlands Routinely Kills Netherlanders When They Least Expect it

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Therefore, most people in the Netherlands don’t go to hospitals if they are sick. If they are sick they go to another country, because if they walk into one of the hospitals in their own country, they will be killed against their will.

I am not making this up. The man who has a better than 10% chance of being the Leader of the Free World swears this is true, and why would he lie?


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12 thoughts on “The Government of the Netherlands Routinely Kills Netherlanders When They Least Expect it

  1. Liberals should attend these events and then when applicable hold up signs that say ‘Citation Needed.’ However, their arms might get tired after awhile.

  2. It’s clearly much better, in Santorum’s mind, to just let people of all ages die without medical care if they can’t afford it. The rationing function of the market, and all that. If you’re worth saving, you’ll have the money to pay. If you have no money, you’re obviously worth nothing. Jesus taught that, you know.

  3. Oddly enough, my mother has told me of Dutch-Indonesians that have flown from New York to Amsterdam to have medical and dental work done as it is cheaper and more reliable to do it that way, even if you includ the cost of the air fares.

  4. I mis-read the headline the first time I looked at it. I thought it said “Netherlands routinely kills Neanderthals”. Shows why I shouldn’t skip that cup of coffee on the drive in.


  5. Naw, they gave up on their “Euthanasia for Neanderthals” program after it was found to result in more dead doctors than dead Neanderthals.

    In the case that Santorum really gets elected I’ll start a petition to get the Dutch government to demand an explanation for his remarks. I mean, since I’ll already be living in Amsterdam, anyway….

  6. Holding up a sign saying “[Citation Needed]” might get misinterpreted as a request for arrest or a crappy old Chevrolet.

  7. I was wondering when you would pick this one up.

    The real fact is of course that a Dutch person in need of medical care will actually get it because We Are All Insured. It are the US republicans that want people to die out on the street.

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