Romney Probably Won Maine Primary After All. No wait, probably not.

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Apropos this, the Maine GOP seems to have released a spreadsheet with the updated Maine ‘primary’ without any explanation of what the spreadsheet is.

The spreadsheet still shows many precincts not reporting, but in Maine they are very small and nobody in Maine cares about this Republican primary anyway, so maybe nobody showed up. The thing is, many of the none-reporting areas are geographically adjoining, so there still may be simply missing results. The GOP in Maine has made a statement or two but mostly they are not bothering to clearly explain what is going on there. The entirety of Washington County is still blank, except one town.

Perhaps the election was rigged, they got caught, but Romney’s people are holding on to the data until after a couple of more contests are done so people will forget. I’m usually not a conspiracy theorist but in this case it may be wise to be suspicious.

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6 thoughts on “Romney Probably Won Maine Primary After All. No wait, probably not.

  1. I guess you didn’t catch the news about that yet… that county delayed their caucuses a week (should happen tomorrow), supposedly due to inclement weather. Maine lets their caucuses happen on different days in various places, scattered over a month or more (IIRC they started in late January and the last is going to be March 3), but last Saturday was the deadline for them to count in the reported results. Due to his close 2nd place, Ron Paul supporters are complaining about this mess and saying the delayed county should get included too.

  2. Oh, NM, I didn’t see your other post earlier today. Sans context here, this post had sounded like you didn’t know about the background.

  3. There was a Maine primary recently? Durn I missed it.

    (Non-Maine, non-American here btw.)

    From what I gather I don’t think Romney won, at all ..

    ___________________.. I think Obama did instead.

  4. The parts of Maine that aren’t reporting are either still stuck in the mud of Havana Harbour, or vapourized when her magazines exploded back in 1898.

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