Maryland is Marry-Land

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Maryland’s house passed an it’s-ok-to-have-same-sex marriage bill today, and it is expected that the paperwork will soon be passed on to Governor Martin O’Malley soon. He has promised to sign it. Maryland would become the eight state to not be dicks about who gets to get married. Apparently it was a tough fight in Maryland.

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5 thoughts on “Maryland is Marry-Land

  1. I’m proud to be a Marylander born and bred today. I’m celebrating now and when that referendum comes, I’m going to find time in my schedule and budget to fight it.

    Maryland is better than that, and we’ll show them.

  2. Yes! Good news – and hopefully followed by much more as people realise that letting women marry women and men marry men doesn’t end the world as we know it but merely allows gay people the same rights non-gay folks already have.

    I think the tide has turned on this issue and we’re finally getting past the stupid prejudices of yesteryear just as it long since has on interracial marriages. Homophobia is quickly following racism into the socially unacceptable category and I just wish it would happen even faster.

    My guess is that in a decade or two we’klll be wondering what thefuss was about and why it took us so long to change on something so obvious.

    [Raised beer salute.] πŸ™‚

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