Washington to become Seventh State with Marriage Equality

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Later today, Washingtong Governor Chris Gregoire will sign the recently passed marriage equality bill.

The Associated Press reports that the governor will sign the bill, recently passed by state House and Senate lawmakers, at 11:30 a.m. Pacific Time in the state capitolโ€™s reception room.

It will be livestreamed here.

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11 thoughts on “Washington to become Seventh State with Marriage Equality

  1. A sad day today that the word Union is not sufficient enough for those who challenge the true meaning of the word Marriage. ๐Ÿ™

  2. Give it up, dan-o. Nobody, but nobody, is going to buy into a “civil union” system for all, with “marriage” being the religious rite for those who want it.

    I tested that hypothesis years ago, and was roundly and thoroughly eviscerated. Even though that’s the model used in France.

    It’s “marriage” or nothing. “Marriage” being defined as civil union with or without religious underpinnings.

    Marriage is the short-hand for the totality of rights that accrue to individuals who commit to one-another for life.

    Civil union might have the same definition, but it doesn’t have the same connotation.

    Get over it. You’re on the losing side of that argument.

    1. I of course disagree Kevin. I believe my thoughts are actually the way most americans stand or rather believe but this majority tends to be more silent. The old saying ther squeaky wheel gets the oil applies more times than you think.

  3. It’s all but certain we Washingtonians will be voting on an initiative overturning this come November. Possibly more than one. It’ll be interesting to see if CA’s Prop 8 gets to the Supreme Court by then, and how it fares.

  4. Dan-O: “Separate but equal” IS NOT EQUAL. We went through this during the Civil Rights era. To support it is to support bigotry.

    You are on the wrong side of history.

  5. And, Russell, words change and evolve as time goes on. Not to mention that marriage *itself* as an institution has changed and evolved over the centuries, sometimes quite drastically.

  6. There are a whole bunch of happy people in Washington today, making some wedding plans. Congratulations to all of them. For those in the remaining 43 states, hang in there. The tide has turned and all those King Canutes out there are going to get very wet.

  7. dan-o, you have bigger problems than the meaning of marriage. “Democracy” used to mean goverment by property-owning white men. Giving all those women and brown people the vote was clearly a total corruption of democracy, right?

    1. SAWells, all people have the right to vote that is just one of the reasons I love America. I just see no reason why civil union will not work. There are plenty of companies that allow civil unions to receive full benefits. I would just like to see the word marriage reserved for its true and original meaning and not forgotten the few who make noise want a change. Again I have no issue with people doing what they want in their own home but leave the word marriage alone.

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