Unemployment Compensation Insurance (which you pay for) is A Violation of the Declaration of Independence (which you can’t violate)

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So, who would say something as stupid as that? Actually a Professor of History. Who happens to be running for president:

That’s Gingrich speaking at CPAC and brought to us by Right Wing Watch.

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6 thoughts on “Unemployment Compensation Insurance (which you pay for) is A Violation of the Declaration of Independence (which you can’t violate)

  1. Interesting, because with out it, I currently would not have any utilities, no food in my fridge and, eventually, no roof over my head.

    Is being without all of those things because my boss decided to fire me so he could hire back his old secretary, who just also happens to be his current mistress, also a violation of the declaration of independence?

    or is it my comeuppance for not being rich and male?

  2. Every time this guy opens his mouth he proves how our education system has failed. I’ve collected unemployment. I also went to school during that period. But to do so, I had to apply for “Commissioner Approved Training” in order to do both. It is a process, that, one would think, requires very little sense and should be a fast-track decision. I almost missed my window for a quarter waiting on that approval. So, Speaker Dumbass, what other delay tactics are you going to introduce so that you can blame the workers for not finding employment?..

  3. He might have been saying that we should send anyone who is unemployed to school for 18 months for free. That would be good. It would create jobs in the education sector!

  4. I wasn’t aware that one could ‘violate’ the declaration of independence. Go read it Newt and see what an idiot you are! Or maybe Newt is confusing the Declaration with the Constitution and doesn’t realize they are different documents? I can see how his tiny, incoherent little mind would be unable to differentiate between two objects at the same time……..If this is what we get from our “professor Gingrich”, the alleged “smartest man in the room”…we got problems! Or could it be that he’s just trying to BS us all? Nah!!!

  5. Tru that, Ing. So, I guess it’s option B then. This is all my fault for not fucking my old boss, or being born a wealthy dude.

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