Big Game Mayors to Call for Stricter Gun Control Laws

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Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York and Mayor Thomas M. Menino of Boston filming an ad for The Big Game.

Mayors Menino and Bloomberg, of Boston and New York, will field a half minute ad during the Big Game coming up in a few days in which they will call for stricter federal gun control laws.

The New York Times reports:

The two mayors are longtime allies on gun control and founders of a group called Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which has pushed for a stronger federal background check system.

Mr. Bloomberg and Mr. Menino shot the ad in New York early Tuesday. And, just as big Super Bowl advertisers like Honda and Volkswagen have been promoting their ads with previews on YouTube, Mr. Bloomberg publicized his at an appearance later Tuesday morning.

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One thought on “Big Game Mayors to Call for Stricter Gun Control Laws

  1. That clicking and whirring you hear in the distance is the targeting machinery dialing in Mayors Menino and Bloomberg for a massive political bombardment. The right-wing vocalists of bombastic declarations are even now practicing their lines so they can be delivered on cue, and with a straight face, with resonance implying both deep feeling and passionate spontaneity. A thousand phone trees are tingling in anticipation of the coming torrent of purple prose and flaming response.

    The NRA, gun sellers association, arms and ammunition manufacturers, and overweight shut ins sitting in their mother’s basement everywhere are poised to unleash a shit storm of ahistorical similes and platitudes.

    The internet is awash in claims that Obama is going to ‘grab our guns’. After better than three years of these false claims they somehow still carry weight.

    Kind of like Christianity’s claim that the second coming is just around the corner. Both are irrational expectations rooted in a talking point ossifying into an article of faith. Repeated public declaration of that article of faith is positive proof of your loyalty to the cause. What greater gift has one man for a cause than to lie in service to it.

    That these are the same diatribes with Bill Clinton’s name crossed out and Obama’s inserted concerns rational thinkers but not the true believers. For they know that the ‘evil, liberal, devils’ and the ‘gun grab’ are always at hand and that it is only the passionate efforts of the keyboard commandos and talk radio thunderers that delay it one millisecond at a time by the shear force of their will, wind, ink and inconvenienced electrons.

    I wish mayors Menino and Bloomberg well in their attempts to talk rationally about what is a major problem. But history shows that they should make sure they are wearing their Nomex jockstraps and barnyard boots because as sure as the sun will come up there is a flaming shit storm coming their way.

    Anyone want to lay bets on how many times the standard talking points(‘Hitler confiscated gun’, ‘guns don’t kill people’, guns are the root of all freedoms’, et al.) will get mention?

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