Peter Gleick: Climate change is happening

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Gleick is the new board member of the National Center for Science Education.

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6 thoughts on “Peter Gleick: Climate change is happening

  1. It is unbelievable to read the comments on the youtube site. The denialists are already at it. They’re still denying that humans are affecting the climate.

  2. Thanks for that link. Cheers!

    (I’ve actually already used it in a couple of comments* on the Bad Astronomy blog if your curious.)

    Good talk on a grim topic – always good to have the professionals who really doknow what tehy’re talking about speaking and expressing themselves so well.

    * Eg here :

    & the one after it as Messier Tidy Upper my username there.

    Hope linking the above is okay and interesting for you. Please let me know if not. (Plus “if” too would be good also!)

  3. D’oh! Make that :

    Good talk on a grim topic – always good to have the professionals who really do know what they’re talking about speaking and expressing themselves so well.

    #@@@##@!!!$ typos. Sigh. I did preview but missed that.

  4. Glad to see the usually-too-busy-with-research Scientists beginning to use the web media to get some Science Truth out there. When will Fox News and the Rush blowhards be censored?

  5. @ ^ Douglas Kennedy :

    When will Fox News and the Rush blowhards be censored?

    Given the US Constitution and Bill of Rights with the whole “freedom of speech” and freedom of expression thing – I’d say never.

    When it comes to the Human Induced Rapid Global Overheating (HIRGO) topic I really wish Fox News, Rush Limbore and the other Climate Change deniers would shut up voluntarily. Better still that they’d admit their mistakes and apologise humbly.

    I wish the nonsense they spout gets countered quickly – debunked and mocked and exposed for the stale, stinking substanceless rubbish it is. In fact I often try to be the one countering it myself.

    But I wouldn’t even *want* them to be censored as such much as I completely disagree with them and think their claims are absurd, damaging, rotten misinformation.

    People have the right to their opinions however wrong they are. The government, the courts, the rest of us should NOT be in the business of silencing dissent and crazy opinions.

    As Voltaire apparently never quite actually said :

    I may disagree with what you say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.

    Also I’d add for other peoples rights to equally demolish what that person says – verbally and logically not by force or law.

    Because laws censoring climate denialism today could be used to censor what you might want to say tomorrow.

  6. One does not have to shut up Fox. But we can stop recognizing them as a news agency. There was a time when news agencies had to meet certain standards. This is no longer true. Perhaps we could bring standards back.

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