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Don’t like Gnome 3.0 or Unity? Linux Mint 12 offers Gnome 2 like option.

The latest version of Mint channels Gnome 2.0 goodness via two different approaches: Firstly, Mint Gnome Shell Extensions add Gnome 2.0 features to the Gnome 3.0 shell. Secondly, Mint now ships with Mate, a maintenance fork of Gnome 2.0 that can co-exist with a Gnome 3.0 installation.

Details here.

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9 thoughts on “Tasty Linux News

  1. Man, people sure hate Gnome3.

    Well, they at least want all the stripped-out functionality back, which is why Mint came up with the “extensions” for 3 to be more like 2.

    Yeah, this isn’t terribly new info, but a lot of people still don’t know about it. And I love it that Greg Laden promotes at least some alternative OSes/distros, because, um, variety is the spice of living things.

  2. I can be done but it is one of those things you do after you’ve backed everything up. You should probably get an external hard drive and put your data on that. You should have that anyway.

  3. I thought that I had that covered, but when I tested the drive before upgrade the drive said “SSCCFRRRTTTCHHH” over and over and none of the data could be transferred.

    I didn’t proceed with the upgrade.

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