Psssfffffft…snort… hahahaaha

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8 thoughts on “Psssfffffft…snort… hahahaaha

  1. Irene – imagine how worn-out he’d look if he’d won in 2008.

    I’ve always feared that McCain would have succumbed to the pressures of the presidency early in his first term, leaving Governor (Ha!) Palin running things. With all of the disappointments Obama has brought, he at least has tried to correct some of the crap of the Bush years. President Palin would not even have tried.

  2. Dude’s clearly a little too old to be doing this…

    Exactly what I thought when I first saw a picture of his wife.

  3. Given what we’ve seen of Palin since if she’d ended up Pres because McCain died she would have lasted maybe 6 months at the most. She would have quickly found that no, being President doesn’t mean that you get to do whatever you want, and that it’s actually hard work, harder than running Alaska. And she couldn’t even last a whole term doing that.

  4. Wow! Maybe that’s a freudian slip.

    If he was President, he wouldn’t have lasted. Just look at Barrack, it looks like he has aged 12 years in just 4.

    I love this clip

  5. @1. Irene Delse asked :

    Uh? McCain looks a bit tired in this vid. Age, illness, or what?

    Perhaps a mixture of both? Or just a slip of the tongue – easy enough to do for anyone really.

    Still a good thing McCain lost in ’08 – for him as well as the rest of the planet.

    Also hopes it makes folks reconsider Ron Paul too – another excessively elderly candidate showing the republcians haven’t learnt the lessons from McCain’s bid. Or Bob Dole’s 1996 bid vs Clinton when Dole was aged 73 the then oldest POTUS candidate for that matter.

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