Testing Out the Woo, and More.

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For a full year, A.J. Jacobs followed every piece of health advice he could — from applying sunscreen by the shot glass to wearing a bicycle helmet while shopping. Onstage at TEDMED, he shares the surprising things he learned.

I always thought it would be interesting to assemble ALL of the warnings and instructions that come with the stuff you get (water heater, iPod, car, children’s toys, etc.) and implement all of the instructions, as per the instructions. A.J. should do that next.

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One thought on “Testing Out the Woo, and More.

  1. That is extremely interesting. I would have never thought that following all of the warning labels and every doctor instruction would help you learn so much about life. I am most surprised that low noise levels are so important. I always knew that it adds some amount of stress but I didnâ??t know it added so much stress that it is actually shaving off years from your life. I would love to know more about his experience and I am definitely going to buy the book.

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