Arrests in anti-church-state separation protest.

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There were several arrests in New York City, including one councilmember and several pastors, in connection with protest against the eviction of religious groups from public school buildings.

Seven demonstrators, including Councilman Fernando Cabrera, were charged with trespass Thursday. Police say they refused to move from the entrance to the city’s Law Department in Manhattan.

The city has told about 60 churches they must stop holding worship services in public schools after Feb. 12. It argues separation of church and state and cites a court decision.

The New York Housing Authority, which is a federally funded agency administered by the city, is also renewing it’s church-in-the-public-buildings policy.


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4 thoughts on “Arrests in anti-church-state separation protest.

  1. Have any of these highly principled persons gotten themselves arrested in protest of families being evicted from their homes by crooked banks, or are such evictions just not important enough for them?

  2. Public tax dollars should not be used to fund religious organizations. This policy not only protects our tax dollars but also protects churches from government intrusion, a point often missed by advocates of church funding. A truism dating back to Ben Franklin is that if a church can’t fund itself through private donations then we must question whether the church is worth funding.

  3. Frankly (hah!) I think the Ben Franklin quote misses the point (and can be used to justify cuts in spending for just about anything, including medical research).

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