Today is the Iowa Caucus. We are rooting for Michele Bachmann!

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How dare this reporter be so mean to Michele:

Why ask a question about issues on the day of the election, dammit!?!?!?

I can only hope that Michele does well enough to say in the race. Please, Iowa, don’t let me down!

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6 thoughts on “Today is the Iowa Caucus. We are rooting for Michele Bachmann!

  1. For all that I loathe Michelle’s positions, I am forced to admit she handles questions like this much better than Mitt. Every time I’ve heard him questioned on something he does not want to discuss, he gets very defensive body language and fumbles around not really knowing how to give a glib answer that will still get him back on the script he wants to use.

    Gah. I am already so tired of the parade of the idiots.

  2. I don’t think dodging a question is handling it better than someone who fumbles or gets defensive. I also can’t believe that’s she’s so incredibly naive and/or idiotic to think that the social issues that she rambles incoherently on about shouldn’t be spoken about before, on, or following the caucus. Perhaps she’s not so stupid that she doesn’t realize how bad an idea it would be to air her non-progressive, backwards views on a day when people are deciding which candidate they like.

  3. Sadly, it looks like Romney will win the nomination, which means Obama will probably lose, barring some miracle for the economy or some other unpredictable event. Sigh.

    Go, Bachmann, go! You’re our only hope for a Democratic president in 2012!

  4. @jamessweet Hate to break it to you but Obama is a democratic president by having a (D) after his name not based on policy decisions or platforms. (He talks a good talk though so I guess there’s that.)

  5. Bachmann has a lot of poise and confidence. But, given that her God tells her what to think and her husband tells her exactly what to say, how to act, what to wear, she can have the confidence of one with no free will. An axe cleaving wood has no doubts, conscience, regrets, questions, judgment, concerns. It can just be an axe. Bachmann can focus on just being.

    This is the Zen of fascism, fanaticism, and fundamentalism where people give up judgment and fee will to become the more perfect tool for leader, party, God.

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