Drinks, Mouse, Gun, 13 year old girl, Animated!

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As reported here, “Paul Klunzer’s four-month relationship with a 13 year-old girl ended like many of these illegal relationships do: with his roommate shooting at a mouse with a handgun, missing, hitting a third roommate in the chest, and having police find the girl hiding in a closet in the course of the investigation.”

And, it’s been animated!

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3 thoughts on “Drinks, Mouse, Gun, 13 year old girl, Animated!

  1. And, it’s been animated!

    Thanks, yet again, to the magical weirdness that is Next Media: the forward-thinking arm of the re-enactment industry.

    I hope the thirteen year old is all right.

    I don’t suppose the other two guys had any idea about the minor in the house.

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