Tea Party Leader Jules Manson Calls for Assassination of Obama and Family

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The post has been taken down. Here it is:

You can get the story at Crooks and Liars and links therein. I would give you the links therein but they do not seem to be working.

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21 thoughts on “Tea Party Leader Jules Manson Calls for Assassination of Obama and Family

  1. Has this been forwarded to the appropriate police services? I think they may have stepped over the boundary into actual incitement to violence here.

  2. Wow, just when you think you can’t be any more disgusted, the unhinged wingnuts prove you wrong.

    It’s disgusting.

    And yes, these kinds of comments will bring the secret service down on you. I wonder if they’ve paid him a visit already.

    It’s hard to believe I’m of the same species as these whack jobs.

  3. Tea Party leader? Why not have an ounce of honesty here? Manson has nothing to do with the Tea Party and in fact was pointedly anti-Tea Party. He is a conspiracy nut who follows the likes of Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura. He was dropped as editor of supportatheism.com because of racist rantings.

    But hey, I cause free thought doesn’t have to mean honest thought does it?

  4. Huh. A breakthrough in evolutionary thought inspired by none other than Jules Manson. Two separate lines of evolutionary convergence,one from monkeys ,as he says,and one from slime mold.

    Who’d a thunk?

  5. Jacob, his affiliations past and present are identified in the original source. I had never heard of him before, so I can’t defend or refute the information.

    If you think that I am being dishonest by pointing to something someone said than kiss my ass. If you want to add to the conversation by pointing out that the information might be inaccurate or that more information could be considered, and then add that information, then welcome to the conversation.

    I’m thinking you area teabagger yourself.

  6. The Crooks and Liars post is dishonest as well and was taken from the original dishonest Democrat Examiner article written by Michael Stone.

    That being said, nowhere in the dishonest Crooks and Liars story does it say Manson is a Tea Party leader. That is 100% on you.

    Jacob Kramer, co-founder of the supportatheism.com website (and who’s facebook page is about anti-Tea Party and Anti-Republican as you can get) responded to these stories on the MMOKELLY and cleared the air on Manson’s firing as editor from the website and that Manson was anti-Tea Party.

    Also, I can’t find a single that links Manson to the Tea Party other than stories that build off the original Democrat Examiner story.

    No, I am not a member of the Tea Party and no I never voted for a candidate because of affiliation with the Tea Party. I am an independent voter who in the 14 years I have been allowed to vote never voted a straight party line ballot.

    Regardless of party affiliation, political beliefs, religious beliefs, or any other belief system, the one thing everyone should want is honesty.

    The fact is that Jules Manson is a racist scumbag. The facts of the story stand on their own. I don’t see why embellishment is needed.

  7. Jacob, we read the same thing and came away with two different interpretations. I’ll allow you yours, you scream at me for mine.

    You should join the Tea Party, you’d be comfortable there.

  8. Manson’s web page was still up a bit earlier. He rants on & on about rent control specifically for trailer parks where he apparently lives near Carson, CA. He doesn’t like the requirements to keep the trailers up to code and resents rates going up, especially in a recession. He failed Econ 101 presumably. This was, apparently the germ of his failed political career.

    His facebook post hating on blacks and Obama in particular show a clear portrait of a bigot and fool. The bigotry fits well with many teabaggers, the hatred of Obama with almost all. The fool part was in posting it.

  9. I’ve never heard of this bloke before.

    Still .. WHOAH!

    Did *that* last underlined line say what I think it said?

    [Goes back , reads it again and again, and then once more just to make sure. Yup. Long whistle.]

    Wow. Yikes! An articulate response – not, I know, but that is .. whoah.

    Amazed he was able to post it on facebook. Surely that’s going to end up very badly for him.

    In one sense I’m gobsmacked – that blatant & open – in another that they say this to each other, well, not so much surprised when I think about it.

  10. Looking again like tycho and teh supernova of 1572 I think whoever did the red underlining could have highlighted the second line – the middle part of that first sentence too. The oen with theword MUST in cpaitals in it.

    To think I thought The BadAstronomer, PhilPlait was being a bit overthe top in his reaction to the NDAA here :


    When I first read it.

  11. Looking again like Tycho and the supernova of 1572 (where the great Danish astronomer with the golden nose liteerally couldn’t believe his eyes for a while) :

    Tycho reports (from Burnham’s Celestial Handbook):

    “On the 11th day of November in the evening after sunset, I was contemplating the stars in a clear sky. I noticed that a new and unusual star, surpassing the other stars in brilliancy, was shining almost directly above my head; and since I had, from boyhood, known all the stars of the heavens perfectly, it was quite evident to me that there had never been any star in that place of the sky, even the smallest, to say nothing of a star so conspicuous and bright as this. I wqs so astonished of this sight that I was not ashamed to doubt the trustworthyness of my own eyes. But when I observed that others, on having the place pointed out to them, could see that there was really a star there, I had no further doubts. A miracle indeed, one that has never been prevoiously seen before our time, in any age since the beginning of the world.”

    (Emphasis added, spelling original.)

    Source : http://spider.seds.org/spider/Vars/sn1572.html

    In case anyone was puzzled by that.

  12. Apparently Wikipedia has never heard of this man either :

    Did you mean: James Manson? The page “Jules Manson” does not exist. You can ask for it to be created, but consider checking the search results below to see whether the topic is already covered.

    As of now wikipedia lists

    – a David Manson (producer)

    – List of Real Quality Wrestling employees
    Joel Redman | Jules Redman

    – KMFDM guitarists Jules Hodgson and Steve White , and British drummer Andy Selway . … Skold left after Attak to join Marilyn Manson

    Hmm .. So who is that guy and is he actually of any importance to the Tea party or US politics / culture in general?

  13. Y’know I feel like you misled me a bit here Greg – You claim this Jules Manson is a “Tea party leader” but it turns out he’s just a member and candidate. Pretty much a nobody.

    Now I hate them – and him – and what he said here – but can you please be a bit more accurate with the terms in future, okay?

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