#Occupy Time Magazine: Person of the Year Announced

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Sometimes Time really annoys me with its person of the year. Sometimes it amuses me. This time, I think they did exactly the right thing. What do you think?

Time Magazine's Person of the Year is The Protester.

Here’s the story.

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5 thoughts on “#Occupy Time Magazine: Person of the Year Announced

  1. I’ll just copy what I wrote on Zingularity.

    One of those ‘persons’ is my son who occupied Halifax. He was there when the police dismantled the tents and worked to keep the crowd calm while at the same time asking the police to justify their actions. Most of them didn’t want to be there, but had no choice.

    He’s definitely my person of the year. (with apologies to my other children)

  2. We Have made the big time.



    Sorry to begin with two Occupy chants. They are just on my mind lately.

    Here’s what I announced in Tranquility at 10:30 Tuesday after I got off work. Past the bedtime of most of the permanent Tranq Occupiers.

    Mic Check!
    Mic Check!
    On December 13th
    One day after the D12 Direct Action
    Port of Houston Authority CEO
    Alec Dreyer
    Resigned from his position.
    I do not think
    This was a coincidence.

    We bagged Dreyer. Now we have to go after BP, the company that has killed the most Houston area residents. You know about the Gulf oil spill, half of the workers who died lived in Houston. Plus there have been two explosions that have killed BP workers in Freeport and Texas City. But maybe in a couple months. #D12 bankrupted us. Group one Occupiers were charged with felonies. Bail is high. Occupy San Francisco has sent money. Thank you. Occupy Austin has not yet offered any money to bail out their shock troops who came here. Fine, we will bail out our own dudes and let OA sweat until their parents get involved. Same goes for the Occupy Now Dallas splinter group. You said you wanted to get into the shit, we gave you a chance to do it. And it was indeed the shit. DHS even showed up with their Han Solo thigh holsters, but they stayed up on the levee behind their perimeter fence.

    I was a designated driver. I drove one crew from Tranquility to the port, and two carloads from the Logistics base in Clinton Park to the port. Went up the embankment with five others to cause truckers to honk horns and rubberneck, which made HPD shut down the right lane of the bridge.

    The red psyops tent from HFD rescue scared the shit out of us. Well played HPD. You are trusted friends and worthy foes.

    There was no gas, no riot gear, and not that much violence. I loved your psyops tent. It scared the crap out of everyone.

    But it gave me an idea, Occupy 77019. Two teams of two. Two hours a day, two locations, for six days. Two teams of two Occupiers (I’ll work half these shifts) one holding an American flag, the other holding the most threatening non-threats we can fit on a sign. We show up at 4, stand sternly or two hours, and leave at 6. I hope to get this going by a week from Sunday. Veterans are showing up. This would be a good job for them.

  3. “…let OA sweat until their parents get involved. Same goes for the Occupy Now Dallas…”

    Ha ha!
    This sums up what the OWS lot really are: a bunch of idealistic and naive middle-class kids who can only afford to sit in a tent all day, fighting capitalism, because their Daddy (the hedge-fund trader) pays for everything for them.

    Time to pack it in, trustafarian. Face it: we would all like some money and you standing on a pavement, waving a cardboard sign around, and repeating everything you say is not going to stop us 99% trying to make as much money as we can so that we can afford the kind of ‘country-club’ life your Daddy gave to you.

  4. GTH Andy,

    Turns out we did not have that much family involvement. While there was no police brutality in the red psyops tent, some of the twenty people arrested in #D12 Houston were treated pretty badly after being moved from Riesner to County.

    Judge Campbell ruled that their felony charges were unjustified and reduced their charges to misdemeanors and lowered bail. So until the Lege passes a special law, current precedent is that a Sleeping Dragon blockade is just a Misdemeanor in Texas.

    Turns out we were able to bail out most of out people with our own money and we were also helped by generous donations from Occupy San Francisco. As an assigned driver for logistics, I was told to not do anything to get arrested and that if mass arrests began, which they didn’t, to make a break for my car with all the indie video stringers I could muster as things went down. This would have involved great risk as the safest route to my car had been blocked by the pushback away from Group One.

    We got DHS involved too, though they stayed up on the levee behind their perimeter fence.

    Two days later we marched on a senator’s office and Mic Checked the Pachyderm Club meeting. Turned out the Pachyderms had already passed a resolution rejecting the expansions of the Patriot act that were amended to the Defense authorization act, the amendment that would allow US citizens inside the US to be detained as enemy combatants. They should have Mic Checked us back saying this. We could have then Mic Checked how awesome we both were.

    #D12 was the scariest, freakiest day of my life. I’ve been the victim or potential victim of violence a few times, but never as much potential violence as that day. It was glorious.

  5. Francisco,

    You have a seriously overinflated sense of self-importance if you think your ‘occupy’ antics have anything to do with anyone’s resignation. I saw your ‘movement’ on the news, and it reminded me of another kind of movement altogether. Ridiculous posturing from a set of bored, over-priveleged kids.

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