Teacher Responds to Rick Perry

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This is very, very good:

Go over to YouTube and Vote It Up!!!! It has only had about 300 views so far.

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6 thoughts on “Teacher Responds to Rick Perry

  1. Wow. Thanks for posting my response to Governor Perry on your blog. Republicans need to know that Rick Perry is not interested in advancing their causes. He is only interested in advancing himself.

    In our last biennial legislative session, Texas’ legislators decided to meet their constitutional requirement of presenting a balanced budget by slashing public school funding by billions. Governor Perry signed off on the budget and thousands of teachers, assistants, and other auxiliary personnel across the state lost their jobs. The Governor is certainly no friend to public education.

    In his latest political ad, titled Strong, Governor Perry criticizes recent policy changes in the military by comparing it to the absence of God,or more specifically his God, in our nation’s public schools.

    Governor Perry must have forgotten that in 2003 he signed into law a mandated “minute of silence” to follow the mandated recitation of the Pledge to the American Flag and the newly revised Pledge to the Texas Flag, with the phrase, “one state, under God,” added to the original text. The intent of the “minute of silence” was to provide a quiet moment “during which students may pray.”

    Governor Perry should show some class and stop involving innocent school children in his vitriolic political ads.

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