SCOTUS will review Arizona’s Immigration Law

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Moments ago, the Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to review a highly controversial Arizona law. This promises to be one of the more significant things they’ve done in a while.

The deck is stacked for a more conservative ruling because Justice Kagan will recuse as she worked on the law while in the Obama administration.

The US Justice Department has been hammering away at the Arizona Law in lower courts. One of the key issues is whether or not a state can or should take on key aspects of immigration enforcement that are normally under Federal control. Arizona’s counter argument is that the Federal system is “broken” so the state must step in. So far, a Federal Court has partially gutted the law, according to the Washington Post,

… making it a state crime to be in the country illegally and failing to register with the federal government; making it illegal to seek work or working when not authorized; requiring state and local officers to try to determine the status of someone arrested, stopped or detained if they believe the individual might be in the country unlawfully; and allowing warrantless arrest of anyone who they have probable cause to believe might have violated laws that would make them deportable under federal law.

There are several other state-level immigration laws roughly similar to Arizona’s. They are not always found in border states, but they are typically found in conservative states with specific racist agendas and explicitly anti-Black Guy President elected officials. In other words, this fight relates to the handling of race in Americas and more broadly to the Culture Wars. It is important. The Federal Government has attacked those laws as well. Therefore, a decision from the SCOTUS will have wide ranging effects.

HERE is the PDF file of the filing (right click and “save as”).

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