Is Gignrich’s Campaign About To Cain-Out?

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This is not yet confirmed, but a former Gingrich campaign worker claiming to have Clintoned Gingrich may result in a Garry-Hart for the About to Cain Campaign. Which has already been Gingriched pretty thoroughly. Which brings us to the question of what exactly is is.

The report alleges an extra-marital bout or possibly multiple bouts of oral sex, which, the accuser notes, was Gingrich’s preferred activity so he could later say that he “had not slept with” whomever. Seems to me you could just have sex and not go to sleep and say that but whatever.

An, yes, I checked. Gingrich was in the House in 1988, when the republicans started their “Nuclear Strategy” which they have continued to use since then, initiating the new approach to Ruining America at very opportunity by impeaching the President of the United States for what was by all accounts a poorly executed … well, let’s just say, it all depends on what is is. Right, Newt?

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2 thoughts on “Is Gignrich’s Campaign About To Cain-Out?

  1. This isn’t really new, though. We already know he cheated on his first wife with his second, and his second wife with his third. For some reason, this isn’t enough to (ahem) impeach him in the minds of Republican primary voters, so far.

  2. I was going to say the same thing. Gingrich is already well-known as a serial cheater. A recent allegation might be news, but one from three decades ago? Yawn.

    In other news, witnesses say Fred Phelps may have participated in a protest while carrying a sign with a homophobic slur on it.

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