Most expensive accidents in history video

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9 thoughts on “Most expensive accidents in history video

  1. The reason BP and Fukushima aren’t on there is that it was made in 2008.

    It would also be interesting to adjust these for inflation. It might not change the position on the list, but I’m pretty sure Titanic would cost more than 150 mil today.

  2. Rich, you’d have to adjust for more than inflation as well. If the Titanic existed today woudl the richest people in Europe be on it? It would have a giant water park and most of the people on it would be retired folk and families that could no longer afford flying places as a group. Game show contestants.

    A modern large cruise ship, according to The Internet, costs between 500 million and a billion dollars to build. Wasn’t the Titanic a lot bigger than today’s ships? (Or was it?) The Oasis of the Seas, largest crusie ship, cost 810 million pounds. A modern replica of the Titanic recently proposed was to cost 300 million dollars, but it was to be built as a Las Vegas Casino … a very smart move to avoid ice bergs.

    The Movie, The Titanic, cost 200,000,000 to bmake and has grossed over 1.8 billion.

  3. Gross tonnage of Oasis of the Seas is 225,282; Titanic a mere 46,328 gross tons. Oasis more than twice as long as Titanic, and exceeds Titanic’s max passenger capacity by several thousand.

    Of course, I don’t know how Oasis compares to other modern cruise ships.

  4. Except that the modern cruise ship would never be in those latitudes in the winter. Cruse ship passengers want warm weather, so its the Carribean, Australia, New Zeland or Tahiti or Fiji, for the winter. If we get an iceberg down there, then we have an ice age for sure.

  5. Good question. Both of them would have contained payload. That could be the difference. Also, the cleanup after each was dramatically different, I would think, though I’m not sure which is more expensive: Recovery of scattered remains in Texas, etc. vs. fishing stuff out of the sea off Florida, but with a smaller footprint.

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