X Blog Browser Wars

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And system wars while we are at it.

A recent discussion on Browser Wars at GLB led me to wonder what X Blog readers were doing. This, by the way, is an interesting way to get at the question: Are people who read the X Blog the same people who read Greg Laden’s Blog?

Anyway, here’s the X Blog numbers for the last several days:

Only seven percent of you are using Linux. Where have I gone wrong!?!?!??

Dare I ask how many of you even know what a .emacs file is?

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19 thoughts on “X Blog Browser Wars

  1. I read both your blogs, but you probably knew that.

    And unfortunately, yes, this is a Windows XP laptop that I’m currently using. I have a software-related reason that I use Windows on it, otherwise I’d just install Ubuntu (or Mint, probably, since it’s a laptop). I use Ubuntu at the lab though.

    Honestly, I find very little reason aside from specific software not to use Linux.

  2. Oh, and my .emacs file is highly specialized, I’ll have you know. I have a small specific version for each computer, that loads a much more fleshed-out common file.

  3. I use Safari on a Mac. I don’t like farting with PCs. Or generally spending my time playing with setup and customizations. Back when I was employed I got enough of that since it involved understanding the processor architecture and OS.

    And yes I know what a .emacs file is, but my last one was about 9 years ago on a Sun running Solaris I think, and I doubt I could find the CD backup that might have it (if such exists at all). There was probably little there.

    If I want to program in Lisp I use the built-in Emacs-like editor; when I write prose I use BBEdit. I may or may not have an Emacs on here. (It would be fun to have Teco.)


    I’ve only been reading you here, I’d been under the impression you weren’t posting elsewhere. Obviously I was wrong.

  4. “Dare I ask how many of you even know what a .emacs file is?”

    Sure. That’s something you write about from time to time in posts that I don’t read. I read most of your other ones though.

  5. My desktop is Windows 7 (all the games I play are made for windows) and my Laptop is Linux Mint. I use Firefox on both and I’ve used both to peruse your blog.

    Despite my Linux dabbling, I don’t know the specifics of what an .emacs file is, but I could hazard an educated guess.

  6. Greg Laden @ 12

    OK, I’ll be good. I’ll just have a sit down in the corner and try to pick up on the proper etiquette. Maybe boot a proper OS in penitence.

  7. Nobody’s using Epiphany or Konqueror?

    I recently was castigated for using a less secure operating system. I use Linux (Mandriva). He programs for OpenBSD.

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