Latest from Fukushima

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Our latest Fukushima Update is out: Japan Nuclear Disaster Update # 41: Good News – it’s bad. Bad news – it’s worse than we think

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2 thoughts on “Latest from Fukushima

  1. TEPCO: “Fuck you, Japan!”
    Japanese government: “Ummm, TEPCO says everything is probably fine.”
    Japan: “Everything is not fine!!”
    Gov: “No, we totally checked, it’s cool!”
    Japan: “Nuh uh!”
    Babies: *croak*
    Japan: “See? Dead babies!”
    Gov: “Hey, TEPCO, everybody seems to think that there’s still a problem!”
    TEPCO: “Oh, no, everything here is probably going to be fine in a few weeks or months or years. Don’t mind the explosions, shouldn’t you be more worried about all that radiation all over the place? You’re not letting people eat that shit, are you? The milk and the rice should be okay, tell em to eat that.”
    Japanese government: “Yup, everything is fine. We’ll get this fixed in no time. Oh, um, hey, BTW, don’t eat radioactive shit. The milk and the rice is okay though.”
    Japan: “There’s radiation in the milk and rice!”
    Gov: “Hey, TEPCO, are you sure about the milk and rice?”
    TEPCO: “How the fuck should we know? That’s your problem. Oh, hey, we got rid of that nuclear shit, BTW.”
    Gov: “Oh yeah? Where’d you put it?”
    TEPCO: “I dunno. Groundwater? Maybe it melted it’s way into the earth’s core? Who cares, it’s not on our property anymore, so it’s not our problem.”
    Japan: “Hey, anyone want this nuclear waste? It’s cheap! …Anybody?”
    Nuclear Apologists: “See? Nuclear power is completely safe!”

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