Creationism and more creationism

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Why we still have to take creationism seriously:

Adventures in Defending Evolution:

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16 thoughts on “Creationism and more creationism

  1. I do take creationism seriously. It’s the mud to man theory that I have doubts about. Speaking of mud to man theory, I like the little stifling of free speech going on here.

    “Why do mainstream newspapers still publish anti-evolution crank mail?”

    Really? Stifling free speech and freedom of the press if your idea of “democracy” and “tolerance”?

    Well I guess I could expect such uncivilized demeanor from people who claim to be kin to filthy apes. I guess if you claim kin to them you have to act like one too.

    Then again, people at this website think that lighting buildings on fire and shitting on cop cars is a “peaceful” protest. Yep. Sounds like a bunch of apes to me. Now if we put them all into cages together …

  2. We have a lot of newspaper coverage here in Minnesota about Department of Natural Resources policy vis-a-vis the deer harvest. There are people here who believe in Bigfoot, and they thing Bigfoot eat deer. Yet, the role that Bigfoot plays in deer population numbers is never considered in these public discussions because it is crazy talk.

    Do you understand this analogy?

    In the Twin Cities, esp. South Minneapolis and nearby suburbs, there are citizens groups and public meetings and neighborhood associations and commissions that address air traffic around the large international airport. There are people around here who believe in aliens. UFO’s would be considered an important part of air traffic, and thus should be part of this discussion.

    But they don’t exist, so they are not part of the issue at hand, and they are not part of the discussion. That would be crazy talk.

    Do you understand this analogy?

    This is not about free speech. This is about not wasting time, resources, and for that matter, dignity with your crazy talk.

  3. As far as Bigfoot goes, even the Apache beleived in it. As far as UFOs and aliens go, no one is allowed a stinger missle to shoot down one of those 500 yard wide triangles to see what is controlling it.

    As far as aliens go, spend a few nights alone in a cave in the superstition mountains. When one of the 8 foot tall reptile humanoids probes your ass, you’ll believe.

    I never saw one, but I know people who have seen them. Personally I would like to get a good shot at one with a 308. Now, that would make great FOX News. If the public could see me with that alien body, they would believe anything i told them. Personally I would tell them I saw it having anal sex with George Soros.

    Greg it seems far fetched, but I happen to believe the reptile humanoids are real. There are thousands of reports from every country in the world as far back as the 1700s on these things. Even one story that dated back to the 1100s.

    I never have seen one, but if I knew were they were, I would not be here having this conversation with you. I would be doing some major kidnapping and bounty hunting and scheming. If i could catch of of these things and take its weapon away from it I could sell it to the isreali military for $100 billion and I could retire.

    An if the whiny protestors agitated me for being rich I would vaporize them with my new ray gun that mr. reptile man just surrendered unto me.

    Being serious though, There are cetain locations here in the United States where those things seem to get more reports than I deep to be normal. Maybe it is people’s imagniation running away from them. There is one report of a cleaning lady that worked in a mall in Salt lake City after closin hours who claimed an 8 foot tall reptilian humanoid walked past her in the mall one night and grpwled at he and took off. She quit her job over it and the mall remains closed to this day. A new mall was built not too far away. Blacked out chevy suburbans heavily moniter this area as we speak.Weird stuff, but I know one woman whose life was saved after an abduction incident.

    I could introduce you to people who would make your hair fall out with their horrific encounters. I mabsolutely believe that these “aliens” are doing something strange here.

  4. I often wonder which group of people are more gullible and susceptible to Bigfoot and UFO sightings, theists or non-theists?

  5. Well, if you don’t believe in god but you do believe in UFO’s, that’s kinda the same thing in a way.

    You might have asked one of those damn unanswerable questions.

  6. “Being serious though…” That is too funny. Why doesn’t Piltdown man provide any references of these reports? Do the Reptilian Humanoids control the media? I honestly don’t know, which is probably exactly how they like it.

  7. Err…did anyone else notice that piltdown declared that if he suspected someone of being a lizard man he would kidnap them? Delusional weirdos with hero complexes are the best kind of weirdos.

    My favorite part was when he more or less said
    “I can introduce you to people who will tell you utterly moronic things and I think you’ll believe their outrageous bullshit because I’m stupid enough to.”

  8. I think I’m the only person who entertains the idea that piltdown man chose that name not because he thinks evolution (among other things) is a hoax, but because his posts (like the ones above) are hoaxes, written merely to crank off his targets.

  9. I must agree with Piltdown Man about the lizard people. Turtleman Mitch McConnell and the iqauna human hybrid, from Minnesota no less, Gretchen Carlson are more than enough proof for me.

  10. god was an alien. look it up in any dictionary, and with that the first few chapters in the bible. ” in the beginning god created the heavens and the earth, and darkness and void was upon the face of the world and god said let there be light” OK so where did god live at that time? how did he get here? for sure another civilization.

  11. I vaguely recall a pro-Id/ Creationism poster on Pada’s thumb or similar places called Piltdown man. That was 5 years ago, mind you. They were just as stupid as the name suggests.

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