“Women driving spurs premarital sex”

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I have no doubt that this is true.

A report given to a high-level advisory group in Saudi Arabia claims that allowing women in the kingdom to drive could encourage premarital sex, a rights activist said Saturday.

The ultraconservative stance suggests increasing pressure on King Abdullah to retain the kingdom’s male-only driving rules despite international criticism.

The story is here, but I warn you, don’t click on that link with your sound on. The web page will start screaming at you if you mouse over the obnoxious rollover ad.

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3 thoughts on ““Women driving spurs premarital sex”

  1. Well, it’s almost certainly correct – I mean, if women have the same level of FREEDOM as men, inter-sex contacts of all kinds will increase as women move around. Hence more nookie will INEVITABLY occur.

    And we can’t have that can we? 😉

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