Silent Summer: Global warming is real, folks

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Hot off the presses (stolen summarily from Here). This land temperature anomoly video showing both the growth of the global dataset and global warming was shown by the BEST group to Congress just a few moments ago.

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1 thought on “Silent Summer: Global warming is real, folks

  1. How did the Congress critters take it?

    Any sign the hard evidence is actually sinking in for them?

    The reality of Human Induced Rapid Global Overheating (HIRGO) as I prefer to it has been scientifically clear and indisuptable for many long decades now. The politics is what’s been murky and holding us all back.

    Hopefully that will change sooner rather than later but with some of the ideologically committed nuts wilfully refusing to see the observed facts I wish I could be more optimistic than I am .. 🙁

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