Cain’s Sexual Harassment Problems

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It does look like there may be something to the allegations, and there does seem to be some denial followed by backpedaling.

Herman Cain
Herman Cain

I would like to point out, however, that he was a male CEO, a person of power, wealth, and fame. This is often true of the men in the race, and in presidential races generally. When Norm Colemen was trying to get re-elected as Senator from Minnesota, very credible and verifiable details of his horrid “womanizing” (a term I never quite understood but whatever) behaviors came out, and no one noticed or cared or did anything about it except a few of us bloggers. It took years for the John Edwards thing to come out. As it were. Remember Gary Hart? Same thing.

Is Cain’s blackosity a factor here? Does mainstream caucasionormative society tend to see Black Men as over sexual or sexually aggressive or something? And if so, does this lead to a different kind of reporting when it comes to Cain the Black Candidate? In other words, is the extra attention to Cain vis-a-vis sexual harassment racially biased or racially motivated?

Having said that, it may be that Cain has carried out despicable behaviors and I’m not defending that (or even discussing it without some actual information).

And the, of course, there’s Fox and Ann Coulter’s take on this:

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2 thoughts on “Cain’s Sexual Harassment Problems

  1. ‘Womanising’ sounds like an attempt to create a woman out of miscellaneous components. Kind of like a frankensteinian approach to dating, you know what these DIY enthusiasts are like…

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