Homeopathy and the FDA

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4 thoughts on “Homeopathy and the FDA

  1. Does the FDA actually have the legal authority to do what they’re asking? Maybe the petition should instead be to congress to give them that authority.

  2. Yay, I blogged this too, just by happenstance. No, I Facebooked it. I don’t know that the FDA *can* ban anything just because it’s probably ineffective. For one thing they can’t prove a negative. Perhaps they could require a big fat disclaimer that said there was no evidence of any curative value. Or require the physical ingredients only to be listed, e.g. water, sugar.

  3. As noted in the very first comment on Rebecca’s blog, the FDA can’t do anything about homeopathy because they’re forbidden by law from doing so. Most FDA employees would probably LOVE to take homeopathy (and the “supplements” industry) down a notch or three, but they can’t. Don’t blame the FDA, blame Congress.

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