Screw this sexism

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The following photograph is a Facebook Peme (Pic Meme, sometimes spelled “peem”). In its original form it had a caption that was sexist and offensive, feeding the idea that girls can’t do math (innately) and also suggesting that a good backup plan for a middle schooler frustrated with academics is sexual self-objectivictoin.


I’ve blogged about this at The X Blog. Here, I’d like to ask you to suggest alternative captions for this photograph. And by “alternative” I mean positive. Or funny but not sexist.

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30 thoughts on “Screw this sexism

  1. I can see my toes just fine thank you.

    If only the others weren’t so far behind I could sit down.

    My headache always feels better on a cold chalkboard.

    If the teacher doesn’t know this stuff, we are fucked.

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