You don’t get to ignore the law just because you believe in a particular god

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This woman needs to be fired, and, actually, jailed. And stoned maybe.

You know, I get that it’s a tough economy out there. Lots of people are taking jobs that aren’t necessarily optimal, like working at a fast food joint, cooking meth, or making YouTube videos. And not everyone is able to choose a job that is 100% in line with his or her morals, like a vegetarian flipping burgers, an ex-DEA agent cooking meth, or a normal human being making YouTube videos.

Or like a fundamentalist Christian who is a town clerk in New York, where same-sex marriage was recently made legal.

That’s right, there are people in New York who are refusing to approve the marriage licenses of same-sex couples because of “religious freedom.” Here’s one now!

Rebecca Watson has the story, and a video you won’t want to miss.

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3 thoughts on “You don’t get to ignore the law just because you believe in a particular god

  1. Reminiscent of the Washington Sate Patrol officer, 20 years or so ago, who stopped a car for speeding. The driver, suffering from idiotic honesty, explained they were late for an appointment at the abortion clinic for his pregnant girlfriend.

    The fundy trooper then ordered him to follow him to a “crisis pregnancy center”, where they were harangued for a couple of hours before being allowed to leave.

    The couple complained, the trooper was disciplined. He then filed suit against the state for violating his freedom of religion. That, I’m happy to say, went exactly nowhere.

    Why is it so hard for these people to understand that their freedom of religion stops when acting as an agent of the state?

  2. I think we should to invent a new god any time we feel like breaking a law that inconveniences us.

    Whats that I say, I’m in the mood to listen to music? Well its a good thing I’m a devout follower of MusoInfringo, god of illegally downloading MP3s

    Whats that I say? I fancy something to eat but haven’t got any money? Well isn’t it lucky I know the one true truth of DinaDasher, the goddess of eating what you can and then running away before getting the bill

    Whats that I say? I’m in the mood for hateful unquestionable tax exempt authoritarian abuse of women, homosexuals and people who disagree with me or are just a little bit too different? Oh wait, there’s already gods for that…

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