What do Donald Prothero, Dinosaurs, Climate Change and Bigfoot have in common?

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I’m very excited to have the opportunity to interview Don Prothero this coming Sunday on Atheist Talk Radio. If you are local to the Twin Cities, you can listen in on AM 950. If not, you can get there via the Minnesota Atheist web site (where you will have to pretend you live in a twin cities zip code, such as 55433). Also, AM 950 is available on at least one digital radio station server … I seem to be able to get it on my Roku.

Prothero is a palaentologist who has been featured on the Discovery Institute web site (they don’t like him) as well as several podcasts (see below). He is a prolific writer and has produced numerous books, some widely known and some much more esoteric but among my favorites (I happen to be in to the evolution of Artiodactyls, as are most people who study human evolution).

The number of things Don and I can potentially talk about is huge, but among them will be a few questions I’ve been saving up for him regarding climate change vis-a-vis Polar Dinosaurs, the melting of the Ice Caps, inter-species competition and macroevolution, and of course the magnetostratigraphy of the Eocene-Oligocene boundary. We will also speak, perhaps extensively, of his new writing project which involved another one of my favorite subjects, cryptozoology.

Don is in town for the Geological Society of America meetings, and he is also going to give a talk for Minnesota Atheists on Sunday afternoon (Details here.). I know some of you are going to ask me: Are we going to Q-Cumbers after the radio show? I don’t know. Hopefully we will know before the show starts and if we are, hopefully somebody will remember to mention it. So listen in!

Professor Prothero is Professor of Geology at Occidental College and Lecturer in Geobiology at the California Institute of Technology. He is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America and the Paleontological Society.

Links of interest:

Donald Prothero – The Psychology of Cryptozoologists on Point of Inquiry
Skeptics Guide to the Universe Interview with Don Prothero
American Museum of Natural History Podcast
Don Prothero on the East Coast Earthquake

Here’s a short list of some of Donald Prothero’s books:

Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters
Catastrophes!: Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tornadoes, and Other Earth-Shattering Disasters
Greenhouse of the Dinosaurs: Evolution, Extinction, and the Future of Our Planet
After the Dinosaurs: The Age of Mammals (Life of the Past)
The Evolution of Artiodactyls

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7 thoughts on “What do Donald Prothero, Dinosaurs, Climate Change and Bigfoot have in common?

  1. Cool! Looking forward to Sunday morning.

    Prothero’s _Evolution_ is one of the books on my shelves with a slew of bookmarks that regularly move around.

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  3. Martin. Sorry about that. I actually put up a post on The X Blog explaining the situation but that does little good if you can’t see it!

    Our server is overloaded. I don’t think it’s an attack, just an underpowered server. There will be a new server under that blog very soon, maybe within 24 hours? (I’m actually not sure when, but soon.)

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