Last Night’s Violence on Wall Street

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5 thoughts on “Last Night’s Violence on Wall Street

  1. Renolds, apparent you’ve never been hit by one of those. Or do you have some threshold of how many times one whacks someone full force with a lead-filled stick before it counts as violence that you’d like to let us in on?

    Truthfully, the total violence level for this ongoing demonstration has been less than other events in the past, seemingly. That’s a good thing. But it is not an excuse for at least some of what we’ve seen happen.

  2. It really depends on what happened before the video started. If he had been warning them to move back then I believe he was within his rights to use the baton to clear some space.

    Really most of the alleged police brutality videos from these protests have really been clutching at straws, most of them being some protester being yanked to the ground and cuffed.
    The only genuine police misconduct I’ve seen has been the pepper spray guy.
    And possibly the officers who gave a half hearted warning to the 700 bridge protesters and then led them onto the bridge to be arrested. Thats possibly entrapment seeing as they had the manpower to arrest them all but didnt use the manpower to stop the protesters from coming onto the bridge in the first place.

  3. within his rights to use the baton to clear some space.

    I doubt very much that he is in his rights to do that.

    I agree that the total amount of violence given the situation seems low, but I think your standards of what is acceptable should be adjusted to at least match what the NYPD rules require.

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